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Most of the people I talk to tell me that even as we speak brand organic reach on Facebook is reaching 1 figure percentages and next year it will average around 0.something. This means that we have a high reach media where people see different types of content and advertisers have to pay to reach any given percentage of these people with limited length ads. Does that sound in any way familiar? Cos to me it sounds like TV and the only difference I see is that Facebook is not even paying for the content.


I have been desperately trying to get bits and pieces of useful information from my social media buddies. But the fact that the algorithm shows things fragmentarily and also that people have a different frame of mind when they engage with content on channels such as Facebook and Twitter makes me see why Quora is such a great place for getting honest and real feedback.
The problem though is that it seems to be moving the LinkedIn way and there are so many questions about baking and healthy living left unanswered :)


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