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2016 resolutions

It’s been a year already since last year 🙂 And one resolution is already happening and announced in the post previous to this one.

I have not blogged more. I feel bad about it and stupid with having given in to the ease with which one shares stuff on Facebook only to see it liked a bunch of times and then disappear into nothingness. That has not changed. Facebook is still a bottomless pit of darkness.

But other stuff has. This is my 2015 resolutions post. I was sad back then. I missed my life in Romania, my friends, my flat, my R2D2 doll. One year on, I still miss some of that: the friends mostly, but I have a new flat I am growing to like, and my life in London is not too bad, made a bit better by working in a great place and a few kind people who take care of me (Andreea, Andreea, Stefan, Adriana, Ben, Tom, Christina, Nik, Dragos, Gabi, Mihnea and recently Sanziana and Adriana). Skype and Messenger keep me connected to my best friends at home, Andreea and Cristina, you will forever be the lights of my life and the people who keep me sane. Skype connects me to the people I need, Mircea and my parents. Bobby is sometimes only a plane ride away. Trains now connect me to the man in my life. I have, clearly, learnt to make connections in various ways and replaced physical closeness with the next best thing. And this life is now good.

How did I do for resolutions? Surprisingly well I might say but unwittingly so, because whatever has happened did not happen because my will power has improved. I am now 10 kilos heavier than I should be and still cannot make a decent croissant at home. I have made a bunch of other stuff though and people seem to like them (I could link here to a nice album in FB but, guess what, FB sucks so no albums). I have seen a bunch of great movies and walked a whole lot more (made it through two Tube strikes) and read enough but not as much as my resolution suggested. I meditate sometimes. Not “professionally” but I do spend time thinking about my life. And I do strategy in a place that lets me do it the right way (Head of Strategy since October now, wheheeey!). Can’t even remember what the womanhood thing was about. I think I still suck at that one but who cares, if it was that unimportant probably should not have been a resolution to begin with.

What’s the plan for 2016? I have a draft but it’s really not thought through. The first 5 ones are below. They are the obvious ones. The big deep ones I am still working on.

  1. Blog for Christ’s sake! – I already made a jump to Medium. I’ll try some more things. I need to be able to take a serious hold of this publishing stuff and do it properly.
  2. Build something at work – there’s a handful of us now and we’re growing in the strategy department; but I want to make it something people are proud to speak of and something that genuinely works.
  3. Walk even more, maybe run, maybe swim – because I do need to get back in shape. I am clearly aware that this one needs to be a bit clearer and more specific because otherwise it will be among the not done ones. I’ll think it through.
  4. Bake and bake some more – breakfast and bread and cake. That’s the new frontier. I am done with muffins and cookies and pound cakes. I want layers and tiers and pastry.
  5. Start something that will define my life in my forties. Not sure what that is but I feel 39 is a new deadline and I should be planning for it.


5 more I still need to work on. To be continued.