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Traditions are nice and with 5 posts on this already I think this is getting to be a decent tradition. This is, again, a post with New Year’s Resolutions which I write at the end of every year, in English, for various reasons including the fact that I have friends who do not speak Romanian and who still want to keep in touch.

I have been doing this for 5 years now and 2009 was here (for earlier ones i have to rummage through my old blog i think), 2010 is here and for the year that is just drawing to a close I had this in mind

1. My blog and the way I handle myself online should stay in focus

2. Grow the small online businesses I started in 2010

3. Buy a bigger flat and fill it with comfy places for my friends and a pet

4. Find something that fulfills me professionally – because I have discovered I cannot do a 9-5 job. I like giving 100% for something and I think I should keep searching for something that makes me happy

5. Start exercising – specifically buy a gym membership in JANUARY

6. Keep a tighter check on finances and get my parents to think about retirement

7. Travel – I will need to focus on getting out of the country every two months

8. Like someone without asking questions, be more flexible about things, give without asking to be rewarded back, calm down and take things easier when it comes to personal life, smile more, read more

As always there’s an evaluation of how I did so, here goes. I started writing more in Romanian and I think 2010 was the year when I started to matter as a blogger, probably also because of The Job, but also because I have more focus on what I should write about and have also decided to get involved more as opposed to just sitting on the bench and commenting on the “show”. The blog has gone to about 10k visits a month which is almost double what i had last year, so I would say no. 1 is a YES.

I did not have any time for the online business I was planning, but I do have several more projects in mind and I plan to work on them more thoroughly.

I DID buy a bigger flat, with several rooms for my friends and they do come over this time 🙂 so YEEEY on no. 3 BUT I still do not have the Beagle of my dreams so I guess that’s only a 1/2 Yeeey.

I got The Job and I am happy about what I do so no. 4 is a big YES.

I did get a gym membership in January 2010 and attended until May but then completely gave up so I will count that as a NO. I did not keep any checks on finances and that needs to start happening and obviously things with parents did not work out but I will keep at it.

I did travel, but only for work so that only counts as 1/2 Yes.

Finally, I fell in love and even said I love you to someone which was nice and a first for me. So I guess I will count that as a 1/2 YES. Sorry, no more details here :))))))

All in all, 2011 was way better than 2010 and I am grateful. And for 2012 (provided we don’t all kick the bucket) here goes:

1. Blog more, blog better, blog with focus and start making a difference

2. Organize Interesting 2.

3. Start a trend company with friends, a lifestyle blog and keep at the consulting business.

4. Do a great job at The Job.

5. Take up a sport, SERIOUSLY, and a hobby. Anything. And keep at it.

6. Convince my parents to move closer to me and redo the summer house for them.

7. Travel outside of Romania every other month.

8. NEVER, and I mean that emphatically, NEVER skip on a summer holiday EVER AGAIN.

9. Say I love you again, start giving more hugs and smile more when I am with people.

10. Talk to a stranger for 15 minutes at least, once a month.


You guys, reading this blog, are one of the reasons I sometimes keep breathing :)) I wish you all the best in 2012 and I am sorry I don’t know each of you personally. Maybe some of you can be my No. 10 strangers in 2012 🙂


Happy New Year!