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Can you build brands online?

I have been asking myself this question for a while.

Can you build a brand with just online comms? And when I mean build brand, I don’t mean add to an already existing brand universe that also gets fed with offline messages. I don’t mean the stuff that Coca-Cola is doing, seeding video content exclusive to online. And I also don’t mean start a brand online and target it at people who will only be online. Plus, no tech-only brands. You cannot be the next Google, Facebook, Amazon. Your actual existence cannot be linked to the medium of communication.

I mean, build brand as in be a brand that gives up all offline comms and just uses the Internet for a couple of years. No offline stuff. Produce everything just for online.

Would we be able to see brand universe enriched and changed in significant percentages? How would that affect overall awareness of the brand? How would that affect budgets? How would that affect the skills of your marketing team and the agencies you would pick to work for this?

We don’t need to answer these questions and I am not really trying to. But it would be interesting to know 🙂