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Cine e responsabil?

Cei de la TechDirt sustin ca utilizatorul

“While on the face of it, his argument about how we consume news differently on social media makes a great deal of sense, but I also think there is a major flaw here. That flaw is that Madrigal is confusing the platform and the usership of the platform. Is there authoritative weight to professional news media when it comes to trust? Of course. Does that weight disappear when we move the platform off of the television and onto social media? Of course not. Why would it? Facebook’s algorithms may, as Madrigal goes on to say, favor photos, whether they are real or fake, but that’s the platform, not the public consuming from the platform. In the same manner, one could say that television as a platform wants vibrant, explosive video when it comes to news. It’s what the platform is built for. But that doesn’t mean we discount video news footage as being universally overblown or exploitative. There is good, trustworthy footage, and there is bad footage. There are good, trustworthy social media follows and their pictures, and there are bad ones. It’s simply a platform change.”

Madrigal de la The Atlantic zice ca si platforma.

I’m not one for writing GET OFF MY LAWN posts about the social web. People have been creating and spreading bullshit since language was invented. But the way that the sites work is part of the problem. Right now, social networks are platforms of decontextualization. They could make creating chains of attribution easier. They could preserve the data embedded in photographs better. Instagram and Facebook, especially, in their closedness, make it more difficult to find any given source of information. Sooner or later, all the networks are going to have to take on the responsibility that comes with being millions of people’s window on the world. Facebook, in particular, optimizes what you see for what you’re most likely to click on. Is that the appropriate way to deal with news about a massive, dangerous storm?”

Eu tin cu Madrigal.