— On Comms Design. From London

Design helps in more ways than you’d think

I should probably not have made this so general, the title, I mean. What I mean is that good design for me is the trigger to make a decision. And I have been seeing this happen a lot lately when I look for things I know nothing about. In all cases, a good design of the app, the web page etc seems to be the thing that puts it over the top. I say Yes more often to things that ultimately also Look good in a short list of things I would like.

My very very smart boss at work, Mr. Roope, speaks about the implicit messages that good design and interface give out, meaning that he thinks one’s very good experience with a way something looks and works also sends out a more important message about whether you should choose that over something else. It appears to be quite true in my case and I have tried to understand why.

Primarily, I think it’s because I work in an industry which teaches the importance of design/usability etc (maybe I should strike industry and use company [smirk]). But to me, having someone think about how something looks after you’ve done all the important functional bits is interesting. It almost signals that you think of what you do beyond just the thing, that you care about how people will interact with it and how they will feel.

Of course, I could be wrong. There’s probably a bunch of nicely looking things out there that are crap but what I mean is not just a nice exterior but a way of designing something which makes your expectations (creative, quality, etc) met and your experience good. And there’s not a lot of things out there which are made like this. Consider shoe racks (a thing which I have been battling lately with my increasing collection of trainers). Most shoe racks are simply stupid and ugly looking because pretty much everyone is concerned with making a flat or slightly inclined space for shoes to sit on. Nobody thinks of other things like the space a show rack can actually take in a house, the types of shoes you need to fit etc. And finally, almost nobody thinks about HOW the shoe rack should look once you’ve installed it and you’re using it. I am still looking for one that will do all of these ๐Ÿ™‚

Implicit messages that design sends ๐Ÿ™‚ worth considering.