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Instagram should take a cue from the Kardashian Klan

So the Kardashian ladies have the most successful Instagram profiles ever. They have millions of followers and millions of likes. What do they do next? They turn their profiles into advertising billboards for their apps where they upload and share more content, more advertiser-driven content and more product plugs. The money flows in, they have no pesky Instagram rules to abide by and they control the stats and cookies of their downloaders.

Now if you ask me, instead of trying to do the same old thing of pushing ads on their users (which is getting a bit of a backlash I understand), Instagram could try and do something similar (you know, like YouTube has been trying to implement for a while, although it might be a bit later than anyone can stomach) –> simply put, paywall some major accounts, split the revenue with the creators and not risk bleeding users into apps. Or annoying everyone with ads, especially when your platform is hugely prohibitive to ads. What do I mean? Let’s say you follow 400 people on Instagram [which is already insane because there is NO way you can go through all of their updates at a time]. There is only this many ads Instagram will be able to serve in between your followed accounts’ content before they piss you off [Facebook has waaaay more display areas, Twitter faces a similar problem to Instagram so it’s trying to redesign itself]. The one solution would be for them to allow, say, chronological pics to be shown in a horizontal slider, versus the vertical one we use now ,which would give them twice as much display space. The ads would be shown both among horizontally sliding pics and the way they are now. And still how many can they show before they piss everyone off? Not many I would say.

So why not do the smart thing, start early and paywall some of that coveted content.