— On Comms Design. From London

Men magazines are better

Women’s are crap. Not the tabloid ones or the get-pretty ones. Even the high brow, pretend-to-be-smart ones. And when I say that what I mean is they are crap compared to their male counterparts. By any standards, women’s magazines are three tiers lower in interesting content, smart topics, layouts, etc than their equivalent male versions.

Men’s magazines have a MUCH wider range of content, waaay more social, economic, cultural, political topics touched upon, better touch with reality, better layouts etc. I dare even say that, besides the semi-nudity of most of their pictorials, men’s magazines (and, mind you, I am not here referring to Hooters or some other served-in-a-bag mag but to the likes of FHM, GQ, maybe even Playboy) really have a more accommodating and desirable image of women than women’s magazines. True, most of the women there are NOT ugly and quite slim, but truthfully so are most of the women in the pictorials in women’s magazines. Women’s magazines write stories about ugly women. But the pics are still of pretty ones. It’s like we try to justify fat and different with words.

Men’s magazines on the other hand celebrate a type of woman that you cannot NOT like. These women are generally fun, pretty, outspoken, like sex, like to take their clothes off etc. What’s wrong with that? I’d want to be exactly like that if I could but I have grown into a repressed, mildly dorky, somewhat fitness adverse introvert. But truly I cannot blame men for liking that type of woman. BTW, for every man who likes that kind of girl there’s about 5 who end up in relationships with people like me or my equally dysfunctional friends. So nor harm done. I fantasize about  Keanu Reeves too but that does not mean I will mentally torment my boyfriend to look like that.

What I am trying to say is that at the end of the day, I ‘d rather read a men’s magazine than Cosmo or HB. These two make me feel like I need to buy a lot of make up, spend a lot of time thinking about how to “work on” my relationship, learn how to do unearthly things with my nether parts to make my BF happy. Whereas men’s magazines tell me about what books are cool, the latest hiking gadgets, best wearables, why Obama is not awesome, how to prepare cocktails and why some hot model is also funny. All topics I prefer.

Somehow I feel like a mix of Psychologies with Good Food and The Economist might be my next favorite women’s magazine. If someone ever decided to write that.