— On Comms Design. From London

If you’re afraid of social media…

There are some industries where social media might not make instant sense and some industries where social media might seem counterintuitive.  Financial investment and luxury seem like the two most obvious ones. Targeted at high-end individuals, they have no immediate incentive to get on the social bandwagon although when they do the benefits are immediately to be seen. An active social media presence for industries not immediately suited for SM can mean anything from better word of mouth to improved employee perceptions to actual better business results.

But if you’re still afraid of social media, there’s three ways to think about what you might want to do and they are sequential and feed off each other and are simple enough to stop you worrying about SM

1. Be there

2. Be true to who you are

3. Be inspiring

Social media does not have to be scary when you think about it as something you do as part of your everyday marketing strategy. Being there means controlling your brand identity, making sure you own the name and digital destinations associated with it and that they cannot be interfered with by people not associated with you. The simple test is, if I type my brand name in the search box of [insert SM here] what does it take me to? If you don’t like what you see there, you should do somethign about it.

Being true to who you are then derives from being there. You cannot simply own your digital destinations and keep them blank pages. It would be like securing a shopfront in Terminal 5 because it’s new and great and filled with people but always having your door closed. If you are present, you need to be true to your brand so learn the ways of SM and fill up your SM digital destinations with brand-smart stuff (content). This may not even be bespoke to SM but it NEEDS to be true to what the brand stands for.

Be inspiring comes as the last and not necessary step if the likes and thumbs up already scare you. Once you are there and you have made the effort to be true to your brand, you can give being inspiring a chance. This means engaging with the specific social media you’re on and making something that will get your audience there talking and sharing. This creates a halo effect around your brand that always spills back into reputation and business.

Social media. It’s that easy when you think about it 🙂